Yiphi: Help and Contact Info

Thank you for checking out Yiphi.

If you need assistance, please:
Email us: help@yiphi.com
Call us: 55-Yiphi-002 (559.474.4002)

Patients, here's how Yiphi works for you

Step 1. Log into Yiphi and select your non-urgent primary care condition or service
Step 2. Pick a nearby licensed care provider to spend at least 30 minutes with you wherever you are
Step 3. Pay $125* for your Yiphi visit using the Yiphi app—no insurance required!
Step 4. Review your Yiphi provider and save her/him as a favorite for a future Yiphi visit
Step 5. Recommend Yiphi to your family and friends—or buy them a Yiphi visit as a gift!
*First 30 minutes of each new visit; $15 dollars for each 15-minute visit extension

Nurses and Doctors, here's how Yiphi works for you

Step 1. Log into Yiphi after your background information has been verified and your Yiphi account has been approved
Step 2. Set your availability and starting address
Step 3. Review pending patient requests and select a patient based on your availability, location, and expertise
Step 4. Spend at least 30 minutes with each patient, leave patient reviews, and save patients as favorites
Step 5. Receive at least $60 deposited into your checking account immediately—no insurance claims required!
Step 6. Recommend Yiphi to your patients, family, friends, and colleagues!