Yiphi: Restoring Medicine's Humanity

Our Mission

Bring humanity back to medicine by enabling patients to receive care when they need it and by empowering providers to focus on building trusted patient relationships.

Our Service: To Patients

With Yiphi, patients can quickly select a licensed care provider to see them for a variety of non-urgent primary care conditions and services in their home, office, or other desired location—without wasting time in a waiting room. And, because patient safety and comfort always come first, Yiphi providers receive complete criminal and medical license background checks—in addition to honest reviews from other patients.

Our Service: To Providers

With Yiphi, providers can quickly identify patients who have specific non-urgent primary care conditions and services that need to be addressed. Then, by using an on-demand care delivery model, providers can see patients in a patient’s home, office, or other patient-selected location. With Yiphi, providers will be able to deliver non-urgent primary care and maximize face-time with patients without being burdened by significant administrative and regulatory requirements.

How Yiphi Works for Patients

Step 1. Log into Yiphi and select your non-urgent primary care condition or service
Step 2. Pick a nearby licensed care provider to spend at least 30 minutes with you wherever you are
Step 3. Pay $125* for your Yiphi visit using the Yiphi app—no insurance required!
Step 4. Review your Yiphi provider and save her/him as a favorite for a future Yiphi visit
Step 5. Recommend Yiphi to your family and friends—or buy them a Yiphi visit as a gift!
*First 30 minutes of each new visit; $15 dollars for each 15-minute visit extension

How Yiphi Works for Nurses and Doctors

Step 1. Log into Yiphi after your background information has been verified and your Yiphi account has been approved
Step 2. Set your availability and starting address
Step 3. Review pending patient requests and select a patient based on your availability, location, and expertise
Step 4. Spend at least 30 minutes with each patient, leave patient reviews, and save patients as favorites
Step 5. Receive at least $60 deposited into your checking account immediately—no insurance claims required!
Step 6. Recommend Yiphi to your patients, family, friends, and colleagues!


Chaitanya K. Dahagam, MD | Founder and CEO